Non-compliance revealed in oil and fat products in Almaty
Несоответствие выявили в масложировой продукции в Алматы 03.08.2022

In the branch of the Republican State Enterprise on the REM "National Center of Expertise" in Almaty, studies were carried out on the quality of oil and fat products.

As a result of studies in palm refined deodorized oil on the fatty acid composition of 17 indicators, 9 inconsistencies were identified.

In addition, the following inconsistencies with the technical regulations were found for trans-fatty acids in three samples:

  • Table margarine brand MT "Ekouniversal", found 6.37% at a rate of 2.0% (Manufacturer: Evdakovo LLC, RF);
  • Milk fat substitute "Oilblend" 80%, found 6.47% at a rate of 2.0% (Manufacturer: OOO "Pishchevye Ingredients", RF);
  • Milk fat substitute "Ecolact", found 7.61% at a rate of 2.0% (Manufacturer: OOO "Pishchevye Ingredients", RF).
The First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the RSE on REM "National Center of Expertise" Sadvakas Baigabulov emphasized that for 7 months of 2022, 274 studies were carried out in the Almaty branch on the subject of fatty acid and transisomeric compositions, of which 63 studies revealed inconsistencies in products from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

It should be noted that “trans fats” are the most harmful type of fat found in food. In the transformed form, fats are not only absorbed much worse, but can also lead to cardiovascular diseases, increase the risk of obesity, atherosclerosis, blood cholesterol, the development of metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus.